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Flagrsp is an add-on for World of Warcraft which allows you to type in information about your character and allows you to identify yourself as a roleplayer to others with the mod. The add-on specifically has a note that instructs one that it is to be used for observable physical details about your character, not a place to type up your own personal novel on your character's past and life-story. However, there are many that breeze obliviously through all of these helpful hints. We have collected examples of what happens when all rules are thrown out the window, whether it be Flagrsp designer rules, roleplaying rules, or just the rules of good manners; all carefully critiqued courtesy of Jacob Matthew.

Priestess Cremorne De'Bacharie'
Lament of Innocence
Sisters of Elune Server

(Now going by the name Alane)

She is the picture of demure transition. Every motion she makes seems to be of that allure. She wants you to take her, claim her, even if she says no, her every motion begs yes.

Hair of the purest strands of ebony silk licking just passed her shoulders, her skin flawless and blue with eyes of ethereal sky. Her lips are painted with the same ebony gloss covering her eyes, and her horns are sheened with pristine care.

When one sees her about the cities, she carries herself with not even a breath of clothing. It is as if she seeks to be owned, and yet nothing to adorn her as anyone that belongs to anything.

She seeks to heal, to make certain her touch causes easing of all pain, Tears are often seen at signs of death, and she often places a kiss over the lips of any newly dead she sees... friend... or foe.

Her voice, when she does speak, is that of the most alluring sonet. Dulcet tones of an angel placed upon the gentle breeze.

"This girl is honored to hold Sir's notice. She hopes she is found ... worthy."

A while back I caused some minor kerfuffle in the Land of Obscure Angry Feminist Bloggers (the scenery is nothing to write home about, but there's this one little bed-and-breakfast with the best waffles there) for a line I wrote in Adre's description comparing her constant references about "sexual maturity" to a person hanging a sign around their neck saying "Rape Me". The comparison was harsh, as it was meant to be, and potentially offensive to readers who probably shouldn't be allowed on the internet in the first place. I like to entertain people though, and angry feminist bloggers are readers too.

However, I defy you to find any better way to describe Ms. Debauchery's particular cry for help.

This person, whilst playing a game marketed to teenage boys, flat-out begs them to initiate roleplaying encounters in which they portray themselves forcibly having sexual intercourse with her, going so far as to state in the very first paragraph "even if she says no, her every motion begs yes." I guess the abusive redneck boyfriend in the wifebeater hiding behind the pixelated facemask on tonight's COPS isn't the only one who needs to be taught "no means no", eh feminists? That's bad enough, but of course this particular rape-bait doesn't stop there. Little bits of perversion pop up again and again, starting with a spot of exhibitionism and ending up at actively seeking out newly-dead people to molest. It's not quite the very depths of depravity (certainly not given the things I've witnessed happening in-game), but its toes are straining to brush the bottom like a toddler with water-wings bobbing in the shallow end.

Yet, for dredging these foul creatures up from the depths and thrusting them out into the harsh light of public scrutiny, I'm the one who gets attacked. It's an unfortunate tendency of women to protect anything with a uterus from criticism from anyone without. And yes, these Sign Hangers do tend to be primarily female. When the teenage boys play female characters, they're easily distinguishable by their flaunted "lesbianism", since they're too homophobic to consider roleplaying a relationship with a male character. Why that homophobia doesn't extend to the other teenage boy also playing a lesbian is anyone's guess.

I suppose "out of sight, out of mind" works equally well on penises.

But if the Warcraft feminist community can also put my gender out of their collective minds for a moment, they'll realize that we're on the same side. We want all the same thing: an end to the male-dominated game development that fires story writers to free up expenses for animators to make the elves randomly bounce their breasts up and down, thus perpetuating a culture of objectification of women that continually churns out Ms. Debaucherys like a factory dumping toxic sludge into a river. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We need to present a united front against these people instead of bickering amongst ourselves.

So go forth, feminists! Take up my banner and strike down these vermin soiling the good name of women everywhere! Fight the good fight!

And then come back and we'll talk comfortable shoes and alternative religions. 'Cause we're cool like that.

Editor's Note: To those few environmentalists who sent in the angry e-mails about the dumping toxic sludge joke, be assured that we neither condone nor support the "endangerment of habitats and ecosystems to line the pockets of our greedy corporate overlords." You fine people are welcome to come fight the good fight too and... erm... petition Blizzard to start cleanup of The Sludge Fen and impose sanctions on the Venture Trading Company.

Waxing Poetic: 7
Bad Pun Name: 1
Spelling Allergy: 1
Sentence Fragment: 1
Necrophiliac: 1
Rape Me Sign: 1
Setting Modern Feminism Back A Century: 1

Score: "That Susan B. Anthony was such a frigid bitch. I bet she never even fucked one dead guy! Can you believe they put her face on a coin?"

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