roudly fighting the War on Emo!

Chaney Ranalys Rayne
Blademistress of Stormwind

"The dark blade strapped to this woman's back is hardly match to the fierceness in her eyes or the scowl on her plump rosey[sic] lips."

Let the angst flow! This girl hits all the high points right off the bat. A dark blade, an angry look, and let's not forget the prominent attention on the lips. It says to the reader "I'm an angry, angst-filled bitch and I will cut you, but I still make time for my collagen injections."

"Long curls of fiery-red hair swoop down around her face, seeming to match the kind of personality in display."

What is it about red hair that screams "I'm an emo sex kitten!" among people like this, and how exactly does it swoop?

"She carries herself proudly as she walks, a kind of nobility only seen amongst those who have been through much in life. Tight-fitting silver and golden armor accent her well-maintained body,"

Form-fitting gold and silver plate armor, for the empowered warrior woman on the go who wants to battle evil and still look good for her man.

"...adorned only with a single silver chain hanging from her neck, on it a green band with demonic runes engraved into the ring. A strange blue and red tattoo shows halfway from underneath the armored plates covering her left arm, the markings seeming to glow very faintly from underneath the skin."

Demon magic is to WoW what the occult is to the rest of the world: it attracts every whiny teenager trying to get their parents' attention. With all the people walking around with demonic tattoos, glowing wounds, and eyes spouting green fire, Stormwind City must look like Disneyland's Main Street Parade.

I'm amazed the demons haven't overrun us all yet, especially with this level of infiltration.

Emo Stereotypes: 6
Demon Marks: 2
Empowered Woman: 4
Attention Whore: 10

Score: "Boy, I wish there was a big, strong paladin that would stalk me..."

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