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Each player takes on the role of a group of characters in Norrath seeking to either save it, destroy it, or leave it altogether. But first they must quest across the face of Norrath to gain the power to change the world as they see fit.


Players form a party of character cards starting in one of the major cities of Norrath. From there, characters move between the zones, facing perils played on them by the opponent. When they land in a zone, they can collect items and treasure to increase their power, or attempt to influence some of Norrath's natives to join their crusade.

During their quest, characters must face both the monsters of Norrath and the influence of tainted players (as well as their own taint) in an attempt to win by one of several methods. Players can elect to destroy Norrath by killing the Sleeper or calling down the wrath of Norrath's gods to cleanse their world of taint. Or they can decide to save Norrath by battling all its corruptive influences and returning the world to a purer state. The third option is to abandon Norrath altogether by opening a portal between the planes and seeking a new life somewhere else.

The game features serious, in-depth play sprinkled with enough humorous references to the original EverQuest game designed to make players say "Hey, I remember that!" Relive old memories of hunting Tae Ew's for a magician's shovel while battling KEI addiction. Venture into the depths of Lower Guk and groan as someone shouts "Train to zone!" Hunt across zones to slay Lady Vox... only to be interrupted by a Powergamer stealing your kill!

Card Types

Character cards represent player characters in the world of Norrath. They are the QuestSeekers who must travel the lands. The races, classes, and alignments of your party will impact what spells and abilities you can use, what items you can carry, and where you can journey. (more)
Loot and treasure, treasure and loot! Search for pieces of a quest, items to increase your power, or weapons with which to kill things! Look for old familiar favorites such as Bladed Thulian Claws, Stein of Moggok, and the legendary Soulfire. (more)
Bad things happen. Twice as many bad things happen to adventurers. Danger in Norrath is not limited to slavering monsters. Whether it's a Train to Zone or a Server Crash, you can bet your opponent will be snickering as he drops the hammer on your party.

Taint is a sad reality for MMO gamers. As more and more people take the anonymity of the internet as license to act like a complete retard, the world of Norrath suffers. Players will face Powergamers, Lootwhores, and brainless GM's while their characters struggle with their own rising Taint. Even the mightiest adventurer can feel the Call of Loot and abandon his comrades. (more)

Destroy your enemies with the mighty Ice Comet, speed across the landscape with Spirit of Wolf, or tear through the opposition with Berserk. Characters have a wide range of spells and abilities to aid them in their quests. (more)
Anyone who spent the best years of their life collecting Gnoll Fangs for the Qeynos Guards will tell you... well they'll tell you the best years of their life are gone. But in QuestSeekers CCG, the factions you convince to follow you can show up at the endgame to fight as your army or pray to their gods to bring about the end of days.

Some classes can also summon followers to protect them in their adventures. Powerful elementals, putrid skeletons, and feral animals will answer their masters' calls, fighting and dying at a whim. They're just like party members, only more disposable! (more)

Location, location, location. An adventurer's got to have a place to adventure, right? The zones of Norrath each carry their own specific dangers. But as the chances of a horrible death begin to rise, so too does the opportunity for power, glory, and treasure. (more)

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