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Character Cards

For card layout reference, look below.


In the upper left hand corner of each card is the character's name, pretty self explainatory, right?


The number in the upper right hand corner of the card over the alignment icon is a representation of how much of a loner that character is, and how difficult it would be for another character to persuade them to join.


The symbol in the upper right hand corner beneath the number indicates alignment. Like in most games, alignment determines who will attack you, who won't, and who can be in your party. The specific symbols are below.

Good alignment

Neutral alignment

Evil alignment


The bar of icons along the right hand side of the card are the character's statistics.

Strength: The character's strength mainly affects melee skills of classes which are strength based.

Dexterity: The character's strength affects the abilities of rogues, rangers, and other classes which rely mainly on dex.

Intelligence: The main statistic of importance to casters.

Charisma: Determines how easily factions will join the character, and how many other characters this character can lead.

Speed: The party can only travel as fast as the slowest member...

Race / Class

Below the illustration, is the character's race and class.


In the lower frame are various other details about the character, special abilities, their quote and their home location.

Taint Resistance

Found in the lower left corner, the number represents the character's resistance to various sources of taint.

Attack / Defense

The pair of numbers in the lower bubble represent the character's attack followed by the character's defense.

Hit points

The character's base hitpoints is found in the lower right corner.

Below are the unique racial card designs.

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