ecause there are always those in the bushel...

Brimcon Sako
"Kitty Man"

Oh you've got to be kidding me. As if all the anime losers with Japanese night elves wasn't bad enough, now we have to deal with cat people too? Warcraft already has bear-people, panda-people, cow-people, even walrus-people. If you need to play a cat-person that desperately, there are plenty of other games with lore for you to rape.

"What stands before you is not a Night Elf... but a tiger like humanoid. Standing at 6 feet tall his fur is a cream color with dark brown tiger stripes scattered about.

He has a tail that is about 4 feet in length, purple feline eyes, and thick brown hair in that similar to a mane. On his head is a shining silver crown, on the center of the small crucifix is a glistening sapphire."

Not only is he a cat-person, he's cat-person royalty too. I guess when you're the only one of your kind you can put on a tinfoil hat, call yourself the king of all felines, and prance around Stormwind giving orders to all the tabbies and coons.

"Around his neck is a mythril chain necklace with a tigerseye, shaped like a fang, on the end of it. The rock seems to glow mysteriously."

As if the cat thing wasn't bad enough, now he's spelling 'mithril' with a gothic 'y'. It's a special new metal that looks just like mithril, but has twice the angst!

"Usually at his side is his trustworthy companion Demitrio. At a glance the feline seems like an ordinary pet, but if you were to look at the face of both Brimcon and Demitrio... you would swear they were related."

Of course they're related, like a human with a pet monkey. I'm not even sure I want to ponder this guy's messed-up family tree.

Lore Raping: 10
Gothic Spelling: 1

Score: "I'm not an elf, I'm a cat! See? Meow! I'm a cat! No I don't want to put the jacket back on! You stay away from me and my tail!"

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