ecause there are always those in the bushel...


Someone's been hitting the yaoi manga a little too hard...

"Avatar of Vengeance


A word to perfectly describe this shadowy creature."

Space, the final frontier. This is the attempt at making a dramatic opening on what should be a physical description. Its mission: to let you know just how emo this is going to be.

"Rarely a speck of flesh is shown. Always she wears her skintight, shadowy leathers,"

Look at how desperately I'm trying not to be a whore in my skintight black catsuit!

"and always the massive black cowl of her long cloak is pulled over firey tresses, hanging so low over her face as to oftentimes obscure even her eyes in the pitch-blackness of the hood's depths."

>BANG< Ow! Who put that fucking lampost there!

"As if this were not enough, she dons a mask to hide away any identifying features and hint of emotion."

It's good that she's gone to so much trouble to hide her identity, because of course people won't notice the chick wearing a SKINTIGHT BLACK CATSUIT all the time!

"Her leathers sport many pockets, hidden and otherwise,"

Hidden and otherwise, in her skintight leathers.

"in which the small, black, pearly hilts of throwing daggers and shuriken reside."

Pearled hilts, huh? That's rather expensive ammunition. And look, shuriken! Because there's no better way to say "I'm so anime it hurts" than to show off your shuriken collection.

"Many of these hilts blend in with the attire, tailored to look as though they were buttons or buckles."

Oh yes, because no one can tell the difference between a button and a concealed weapon. Is it just me, or does she seem to deserve the title "Avatar of Vanity" instead?

"Fushichou has obviously gone to great lengths to keep herself prepared for her vengrance[sic]."

As opposed to, I don't know, just owning a weapon? Here's a tip, sweetie. It doesn't matter how many knives you're carrying. If you're too busy worrying about whether or not they fit under your tits, they're not going to do you much good in a fight.

"A tome, unspectacular in appearance save for its modest crucifix symbol adorning its simplistic covers remains chained to her side, bound closely to her wiry form."

Translation: She's got a book taped to her ass.

"Whatever this evidently holy tome means to her is significant."

Oh I'm sure it must be significant. Just nobody cares.

"Whatever this Warden's vindictive mission it must be of the most dire importance."

...just not as important as waving my ass to get the attention of every lonely goth boy in Stormwind City.

Obvious Slut: 2
Attention Whore: 7
Anime Fan: 2
Goth Stereotype: 5
Waxing Poetic: 10
Fashion Victim: 5

Score: "Damnit! I keep trying to slit my wrists but my armor has too high AC!"

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