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Danequanel "Dane Quanel"
Drifter and dog Kaetif, tavern owner

It's not possible to be a drifter and a tavern owner at the same time.

"You behold a six-foot tall, brown and white-furred, humanoid dog Kaetif. There are sandy hairs around the end of his almost wolf-like muzzle, denoting a beard of some kind. A short, sandy ponytail trails from the nape of his neck. His sapphire eyes you with a friendly-but-watchful glare."

The catboys were bad enough, but now we've got dogs too? Let's put aside for the moment that we've got a whole new breed of furry out there. This name and this character description don't belong to the player, they belong to Jakkal of the comic Black Tapestries. The real character bio can be found here:

Now, as an author, I can tell you all that the worst thing you can do to someone who's gone to all the trouble of creating characters and the world they live in is finding some gutless punk claiming that work of art as their own. It's a terrible feeling, knowing that something so close to your heart is being used in ways you're not even sure of. It's rape, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn't care. Once upon a time, they had naming policies that kept people from stealing names from books, movies, and even webcomics. The idea was to keep the rest of us from suffering through the idiocy of every Gandalph, Legolass, and HairyPotterr who can't figure out how to use the random name generator. But that rule has since disappeared. So now we have to suffer through stupid little fanboys who think they're Aviendha, Bostonjim, and a guild of The Aes Sedai instead of watching Blizzard get sued for encouraging copyright infringement. If the RIAA can force file-sharers to divulge their client lists for subpoenas, I don't see why Blizzard can't be forced to do the same.

Jakkal, Dane's creator, expressed irritation at the blatant rip-off when she was informed, and this isn't the first time she's had to deal with someone ripping off her characters.

The worst part about it is the player decided to turn the character into a kaetif (name for anthro-animals in her comic), which for Black Tapestries is the lore equivalent of giving Legolas the One Ring and sending him out to slay dragons. And all because the player thinks it's cool to play an anthropomorphic dog. Never mind that in Black Tapestries being a kaetif is a curse, or at the very least a Royal Pain in the Ass, everyone should love being a doggy-boy!

I hope and pray that karma has enough of a sense of humor to give Jakkal and other violated artists the chance to find these people and do to them what they've been doing to their characters.

Contradictory Bullshit: 2
Lore Raping: 10
Character Thieving: 1
Anthro-Thing: 1

Score: "Imitation is the sincerest form of- *gaak!*" -Danequanel, last words.

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