roudly fighting the War on Emo!

Triarah Vymes
Champion of the Kurenai

Other than the hair gone grey long before it's time, Triarah has no truly distinguishing features, aside from perhaps being plain in general. She has no notable scars, her eyes don't glow, and her ears can clearly be noted to not come to a barely noticeable point. She has no barely perceptible aura of great power, and certainly no fangs.

She is a little on the tall side, and her hair is just past shoulder length but kept carefully away from her face. She's decently tanned on just about any area she'd show in public, suggesting much time spent working in the sun. Triarah can usually be found in the company of at least one animal, having fed them enough that they refuse to go away.

Affixed to her tabard proudly is a badge of the Duskwood Night Watch, although which tabard it's affixed to changes often.

It's sad how often the decent folk who just want to roleplay are bothered by people who pretend to roleplay in the name of being special, but it amuses me how often those decent people express their displeasure through sarcasm. It is, perhaps, the one weapon we have left to bring to bear against them.

This player seems to have gotten fed up with reading descriptions about scarification fetishes, lighthouse eyes, and half-breed elves to the point where they felt it warranted to include it in their description. It's not a bad way to slip a little message that says "Hello, there's a real roleplayer here" into a physical description that also gives other real roleplayers a little chuckle and provides an icebreaker to get the conversation rolling.

It doesn't seem fair that we real roleplayers have to resort to subterfuge and secret messages in order to both vent our frustrations and find other people who sympathize with them. I suppose that's why many of us see ourselves as guerrilla fighters. We exist in a world controlled by unsympathetic gods and overrun by an enemy rallying to the cry of "You can't judge my RP!"

I wonder if perhaps we as a community should develop a secret language to put in our RSP descriptions. Like symbols scratched on a fencepost or handkerchiefs stuck in a pocket, roleplayers could covertly tell other roleplayers the limits of their tolerance. 'She has no barely perceptible aura of great power' could mean 'I cannot tolerate godmoders'. Making it clear that the character's ears are not ever-so-slightly pointed could indicate the player won't put up with any half-breeds. And mentioning that your character clearly does not have any fangs would be a great way of saying "Don't pull any of that cybersex bullshit with me or I'm calling the fucking police."

For continuing the fight against bad roleplaying despite impossible odds, Triarah is awarded our Seal of Approval.

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