roudly fighting the War on Emo!

Sheriana of Uninspiredville
Evil warlock lesbian vampire extraordinare!

Sheriana is an uninspired and boring evil warlock lesbian. She is played by a man who is insecure about himself and is horribly afraid to play a woman character who likes men.

Sheriana is also a vampire, despite the face that vampires don't yet exsist in Warcraft lore.

Sheriana's player will tell you OOC that he is a lesbian or bisexual girl, because he's desperate for attention, but is otherwise a man in real life, like all the rest of you are.

Sheriana's player is also so creatively inept that he couldn't think of anyting better than your typical evil warlock chick.

Sheriana runs around trying to make it with Tauren chicks and Elf girls in cat and bear form, because her player suffers from an intense social and sexual disorder, also called being a furry.

Sheriana's player will pretend that anyting he does in intelligent and interesting role playing, when in fact it's clear he doesn't have a creative bone in his body.

There are so few times when FlagRSP makes me smile anymore. These days, it seems to be all attention whoring sluts and super saiyan killer netkiddies determined to give roleplayers a bad name.

I often wonder if lesbians tainted the internet or if the internet tainted lesbians. Obviously there is some appeal of playing behind a female avatar with an excuse to cry out "hay a grl lets cyber!!!" at every other female avatar, but why adopt the obviously media-generated stereotypes of homosexual women if you're trying to convince someone else of your womanhood? At the same time, most women I've met outside the confines of WoW that expressed a predilection for the fairer sex have similarly used their lesbianism (whether real or simply claimed) to substitute for their complete lack of personality.

So whether one influences the other or the anonymity offered by the internet allows this sort of person to thrive, it still makes me want to beat these people over the head with a crowbar. The idea that all roleplaying revolves around sex and sexual preference makes me crazy, and the people that perpetuate that notion because they are too lonely, too lazy, or just too stupid to so anything creative make me want to suddenly develop the ability to strangle people via TCP/IP.

The thing that really scares me is how all the players who do this think they're unique on the server, that nobody else could possibly be as pathetic as they are so every other female has to be legit. It's scary to think that on nearly every server there's at least two people sitting in Goldshire, trying to convince each other they're really a woman while masturbating furiously to what the other one is saying.

And just as Sheriana demonstrates, it's not like someone can just walk up to them, reveal this sad truth, and have them vanish back into the dark holes from whence they come. So convinced are they that what they are doing is acceptable and even normal that they use the delusion as a shield. They hide behind such blatantly false statements as "You can't criticize someone else's roleplaying!" and "Any roleplaying is better than none at all!" all the while staging furry catgirl orgies in the auction house while wondering why everyone else thinks all roleplayers are a bunch of basement-dwelling sexual deviants.

These people drive me insane. They're abusing the non-moderated status of the game to act out their sick and twisted perversions at the expense of everyone that calls themselves roleplayers.

For taking it upon himself to take up arms and become a soldier in the War on Emo, Sheriana gets our official seal of approval.

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