ecause there are always those in the bushel...

"Highbourne[sic] Descendant"
Got to love the Britoid unnecessary 'u' that lets us know beforehand that this description is going to be pompous, long-winded, and boring. How nice of her to give us a heads-up so we'd all be forewarned.

"A tall priestess appearing mid-aged with a stern look in her eyes. Yet, she carries a small smile. Her hair is a silver white, like the light of the moon. Her skin is smooth and bluish, almost reminiscent of the ancient Quel'dorei."

A stern look with a small smile, the hallmark of the elven dominatrix that lets you know you've been a bad boy, but it's okay because you're paying for it. Blue skin and white hair can be seen enough on the character model. If you have to compare your own hair to the light of the moon, chances are that's because nobody else is going to and you're spending the weekend alone again.

"Her casual clothes are a delicately embroidered silk robe, similar to those found in Moonglade during the Lunar Festival."

"Her battle clothes are made of durable linen, with a few holes that have been patched and re-sewn so well that it is difficult to notise.[sic] Her mace appears clean and rarely used, and her wand emits a dark glow. The holster for her wand is worn, showing signs of frequent use."

Again, all this stuff can be seen on the character model. It doesn't belong here. Neither does anything that is difficult to "notise".

"Hanging from her neck is a small silver pendant held by a thin but tightly woven vine. The pendant clearly shows Highbourne[sic] symbols."

Well of course it *clearly* shows Highborne symbols, because every stable boy in Azeroth knows what Highborne symbols look like. Stable boys in Azeroth are cool like that. They all speak Kalimag, slay a dragon every day before supper, and sleep with Tyrande on a regular basis. (But of course, who doesn't?)

"She smiles and shows respect to other elves, but when a Dwarf, Gnome, or Human is around in her home city of Darnassus, she often looks the other way, even wafing[sic] air away from her face as though striken[sic] by a pungent odor when a Dwarf or Gnome gets too close."

Here's the pompous bullshit I predicted before. It must be nice to just type in all these reactions into the description rather than going to the trouble of actually, oh I don't know, roleplaying anything. That might cut into her valuable cyber-time.

Contradictory Bullshit: 1
Redundant Description: 7
Waxing Poetic: 3
Stupid Assumption: 1
Spelling Allergy: 4

Score: "The stick up my ass is an epic item that sells for 1,200g!"

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