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Lysarius Windrunner
Former Ranked SI:7
Sisters of Elune Server

Oh dear. Why do I have the bad feeling this person spends his time on WoW walking stealthed through Stormwind typing out godmoding emotes while "Secret Agent Man" plays in the background?

Being the son of Arator the Redeemer makes Lysarius a Half-Elf like his father (this also make him the grandson of the great General Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner).

It also makes him less than a year old!

Arator spent the entire two decades of his life on Draenor. The earliest he could have possibly met another half-elf would be when the Dark Portal re-opened. See, those of us who paid attention in 6th grade biology class realize that you can't just breed half-breeds to anything else and get the same half-breed children.

Of course, things like basic education, common sense, and logic don't matter when you're trying to be the coolest, most important special snowflake by attaching yourself to major lore characters. The part that worries me is he's apparently taken his grandmother's maiden name (in a shameless attempt to further his connections to prominent characters), suggesting either he's more ignorant of genealogy than anyone thought, or old Arator decided to "keep it in the family."

I can't stand people who do this, these people who howl bloody murder whenever someone calls them on their blatant disregard for the lore while refusing to respect anyone else's characters, especially major lore characters! Yes, people, those are someone else's characters too, not just puppets to dance in your little one-man ego show.

Although Physically he looks more Human than Quel'Dorei, note worthy features can be found. Lysarius' ears are slightly pointed and skin slightly pale compared to other humans.

"I'm different and therefore special, but not so much so that I won't be completely and totally accepted by everyone I meet. It also gives me an excuse to use the human model for my character since half-elves aren't a selectable player race."

Lysarius was the right hand man to Shaw of SI:7 before all went sour and he had to step down.

Intelligence agents in this sort of setting typically don't "step down" when things go sour. Of course, I don't think you can trust the head of an intelligence agency that let their king get snatched right out from under their noses to properly dispose of incompetent underlings.

These events he does not like speaking of but with a few drinks and a friendly stranger, the stories will pour.

So much for the mystery of why he had to step down. Typically one looks for some discretion in their secret agents before hiring. Can you imagine if James Bond spilled everything to some "friendly stranger" after a few shaken-not-stirred martinis? M would have force-fed him his own laser watch and tossed him into the Thames.

At times he finds it hard to maintain his shadowy composure, but trys to keep things to himself anyway. They are his problems. His burdon to carry.

I'd find it hard to maintain any sort of composure if I had to carry the "burdon" of being a shameless Mary Sue of a person who doesn't know the lore, doesn't understand basic genealogy, and learned everything he knows about intelligence gathering from Austin Powers. Talk about a rough gig.

Lore Raping: 9
Self-Aggrandizing Bullshit: 14
Attention Whore: 23
Parasitic Attachment to Major Lore Characters: 4
Super-Spy Delusion: 1

Score: "Psst. Hey, dude. Let me tell you a secret. I'm really the secret lovechild of Katrina Prestor and the Prophet Velen. That makes me 7/13 Amani troll and the nephew of Gelbin Mekkatorque. And thanks to this really funny story involving me and the Bronze Dragonflight, I'm C'Thun's father and Thrall's great-aunt! Isn't that special?"

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