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Tugger Saberfang

It's Return of the Catboys! You know, I was okay with there being one of these morons on this server, but this is turning into an epidemic. It frightens me to think there might be more out there, breeding in late-night cybersessions where both catboys pretend to have breasts.

"Before you stands a rather remarkable individual."

Only the Japanese and bedwetting teenage outcasts consider catboys 'remarkable' in any sense.

"In fact. other than his height and build, nothing would show Tugger Saberfang as an elf. His eyes are bright orange, and seem to reflect every bit of light that hit them. His face, as well as the rest of his body is covered in a thick, silky black fur with gray stripes."

'Silky' black fur, for the aforementioned cybersessions. See, even when he's out battling monsters and saving cat-princesses, he still manages to remember his conditioner. After all, bathing in milk and licking oneself is only for housecats and Halle Berry anymore.

"His facial features highly resemble a nightsabers, but with a more humanoid spacing between it's features. His hands are furred as well, and lack fingernails. Every-so-often he'll flex out a bit, his sharp feline claws extending from the tips of his fingers."

Of course he has claws, as no catboy would be complete without them. They say to the other deviant freaks of nature who buy into this kind of thing: "I'm a pretty furry sex machine, but I will still cut you. Cut you with my claws. Mrowr. Unless of course you are female, or roleplay a good approximation of one. In that case, my claws will be used for rough kinky sex. Mrowr."

"Swaying behind him, protruding from the base of his spine, and out through a special hole in his pants is a four foot long tail that matches the rest of his body."

Because obviously you can't have a catboy without a tail.

"His body shimmers every so often, and for a split second, you'll see a dark skinned elf with long, midnight blue hair, or perhaps a brief glimpse of a large nightsaber on it's hind legs."

So he's not only a catboy, he's a were-catboy. This is probably a lame attempt to trick everyone into thinking he's not actually disregarding every bit of Warcraft lore to play out his little anime fantasy.

"He moves with a grace that fits his feline looks, his muscles visibly flex and ripple under his fur."

Rippling and flexing muscles, huh? That's about the time you cue the bwomp-chicka porn music and break out the oil. Of course, he's a cat, so I doubt he'd be oiling up his fur to kick off a cybersession. But you really should never say never when dealing with furry porn.

"Having adopting the name 'Katta' as to call what he is,"

A pathetic loser who reads too much catgirl manga?

"Tugger walks proudly amongst the rest of the world, unashamed of what he is."

It must be pretty comforting not having to bother with pesky little things like logic and self-respect in order to ignore the hateful stares of every Warcraft fan whose lore you're raping.

Abusing the English Language: 5
Lore Rapist: 10
Stereotypical Emo Description: 3
New Category - Catboy: 1

Score: "Dear God, someone call animal control!"

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