Shiny Red Apple Award Winner!

Thiah Windthorn

Thiah is slightly taller than the average Tauren female, but not quite as tall as the average male. Her brown mane is neatly brushed, with a few bangs hanging over her eyes, and a pair of long neat braids draping down over her chest. Her snow-white fur is very well groomed with a soft sheen. She always seems to have a light expression and a soft smile, and smells like flowers, and most strongly of lilacs.

A baby Tauren sleeps soundly in a pouch on her back.

After reading the description, this is what we know about Thiah Windthorn:

-She is an herbalist.
-She stands slightly taller than the average female.
-Her mane is brown, with braids hanging over her eyes and twin braids falling onto her chest.
-Her fur is white and well cared for.
-She is usually seen smiling.
-She smells of flowers, particularly of lilacs.
-She carries an infant on her back.

There you go. A physical description with none of the normal bullshit. There's no personal history, no emo poetry, no epic ballad about the giant sword-like object strapped to her ass. Just a straightforward look at everything that sets her apart from the standard Tauren character model.

You'll notice that this is the first time we've reviewed a Horde character here on Rotten Apples. In general, Horde players tend to be more mature than the average Alliance player. I think Horde races tend to attract players who enjoy the lore over those who just want to see the elven ladies stand around and bounce. The steadfast Orcs, the noble Tauren, the cunning Trolls, and the wicked Undead. All these appeal to the roleplayer with a sense of history. Humans are just plain, elves haven't changed much since Tolkien (and neither have Dwarves for that matter), and even Blizzard doesn't treat Gnomes with the respect they deserve.

To most people, the Horde are "the bad guys", because most people can't wrap their heads around concepts like complex political agendas. To them it's just "orc bad and elf sexy". Since this brand of average netkiddie outnumbers everyone else, Blizzard is once again appealing to the lowest common denominator by making Blood Elves allies of the Horde, because the Horde needs a "sexy" race. Nevermind the millenia-old animosities between elves and trolls, we need blonde Barbie dolls dancing in Orgrimmar!

For actually writing a physical description as it should be written and rising above the herd, Thiah gets the "Shiny Red Apple" Award!


Score: Recipient of the September '06 Shiny Red Apple Award!

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