2006 Pumpkin

The Perils of Trick-Or-Treat at the Scarlet Monastery

"Infrequent, But Not Forgotten" - Anya 10-29-06

This comic is important to me.

It's somewhere I can pour my creativity.

It's something I can dream about.

But I still have problems not getting homework done in order to update.

Each of these statements are true, and I hate that the last one is. But I'm afraid finishing my degree comes before this comic. I really want to pour my time and energy into this, get better at drawing, at writing for a comic, having some feedback from fans (having fans >_> <_<). I now know why most of the people who do a comic are art majors! It takes a lot less homework time than science majors.

I do seem to be a glutton for punishment.

Just rest assured this project is not forgotten, though I may not be able to guarantee when the next update is.

The picture? Oh, I uploaded a picture?

Oh yeah!

This is for the Blizzard Pumpkin Carving Contest 2006. Thought it might be a nice little bit of filler for the time being.

Thanks for viewing!

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