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Last Updated: November 14th, 2009 (Rotten Apple: November 4th)

Anya: Hallow's End Lingers...

he wallpaper war will come soon.
We're waiting until the comic is established and running smoothly first.

"Dark Days" - Anya 11.14.09

We hope you enjoy this year's edition of our pumpkin design endeavors. Next year though, I am sworn to attempt a less intricate design. So far we're considering The Dance of the Worgen our greatest success. If you disagree, feel free to shout it below.

Meanwhile, we're both in the middle of seeking employment and discussing revamp of the storyline, so still no reasonable update schedule on the horizon.

"Cold Turkey" - Jacob 08.30.09

So, we finally went and did it: we went and quit WoW.

Once you find yourself logging in each day for the sole purpose of doing daily transmutes and checking an empty mailbox, it's time to let it go. It doesn't help matters when your best friends decide to betray you and trade in honest friendship to go cyber 15-year-old boys and play gothy attention whore for a bunch of fake lesbians.

And our timing couldn't have been better! Not a week after we closed down our accounts, Blizzard decided to squat down and plop a huge steaming pile all over the Warcraft Lore. A race of pointy-eared arcane haters suddenly sprouting mages? Yeah, there's continuity for you. And I'm sure the addition of werewolves to the game in a part of the world Chris Metzen claims he "just forgot about" has nothing to do with the developers drooling over the next Twilight movie like the guilds of retarded vampire fanboys that clutter up roleplaying servers.


So, what does that mean for this site? Well, Rotten Apples still has a backlog of descriptions with people e-mailing new ones in every day. And I'm sure Blizzard's newest stunt will only make them get worse. It's not running out of new material that's the problem, it's not caring quite so much about the players when you stop being one yourself.

It's possible we might decide to try to stick to some sort of realistic update schedule (most likely either monthly or bi-monthly) because we don't want to just give up on everything. The fan mail is really the best encouragement we have for that.

As for Diary of a Planeswalker, we've talked about bleaching Blizzard's stain from it and telling the story in a more classic fantasy setting. It would be better for us because we could tell the story the way we wanted to rather than having to worry about tripping over trademarks all the time.

The good news is we managed to finally move out of Colorado to somewhere closer to actual civilization. So now that we're free of all that baggage, working on creative projects is a lot easier. It's very possible that the site will continue to update just as frequently as before!

What do you mean "whenever we feel like it" doesn't count as a schedule? Come on! Work with me here!

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Welcome to Diary of a Planeswalker, a story comic set in the worlds of Norrath and Azeroth and is a collaboration between Anya Talisan (the artist) and Jacob Matthew (the writer). Between chapters (and whenever it seems appropriate) there will be intermission comics on various things about the games or things that happened to us while playing them that we find funny. Updates periodically as time allows. Any comments that would help us make the comic better are greatly appreciated and you can leave them in the tagboard below, or e-mail us at Jacob Matthew and Anya Talisan.

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